An unwarranted tongue lashing

Recently I was out with my girl friends and I was introduced to this guy. He seemed like a nice guy, but I wasn’t into it. After talking for five minutes, I came to the realization that he thought we were flirting (realization #1, his hand was on my bum).

I exited the conversation.

When the ugly lights came on, it was time to gather up the girls and go home. On my way to get my coat I stopped to talk to him. Once again I realized that he thought I was flirting with him (realization #2, he followed me and tried to hold my hand)

I wasn’t flirting. I’m friendly.

I got in line to get my coat and BAM – tongue in my mouth. What’s that all about? I’m 90% sure I did not give any signals that I wanted a strangers tongue in my mouth, or at least that strangers tongue in my mouth. I backed away shocked and he proceeded to ask me what I was doing later (later being 3:00am after the bar – so romantic). I told him that I was going home and said I quote “I guess you can call me”.

Needless to say I did not see him for the rest of the night.


5 responses to “An unwarranted tongue lashing

  1. I don’t get it?? If you were so put off by his awesome moves, then why did you give him your number and tell him to call you later?? You could have just said no! I don’t think he is fully at fault here.

  2. boozecan I think I’m feelin’ ya here. I would have taken his hand off my ass, his tongue out of my mouth and said ‘ain’t nothin’ for you here honey, mama’s tired and going to bed. alone. Go talk to her she looks drunk and lonely’. I”m saucey at 3am, no time for drunk mouth guys. Or kick ’em in the shins….

  3. I did not say I gave him my number. I said, “I guess, I can give you my number”…not the same thing. No digits exchanged.

  4. If you were making the face that you are in this photo.. it’s no secret why he was so smitten..

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