Craigslist’s Missed Connections

I met a super cute dude waiting for the subway yesterday. He was tall, funny, and amazingly not awkward. We got off at different stops and did not get a chance to exchange information other than general location, first names and professions.

So, I told my girls about this, and they all said go on Craigslist Missed Connections. I have to admit, I perused… out of curiosity and although I’m not going to post on there, I AM going to give you a preview of what people write there:

“So…is it too late to ask all of you out on a date? I’m not going to lie, all these well-formed sentences and the “freedom of speech” type rhetoric has got me all hot and bothered. It’s a shame we’re all so shy and standoffish out in the real world. Perhaps we can take this “constructive criticism”– whiney queen or not — and use it to completely eradicate such tainted perceptions in the future. Next time I’m browsing books (and boys) in Indigo, give me a shout:)! Anyone!”

Anyone? Really? Have some standards.

“saw you on the dance floor upstairs on branko’s birthday, you had long hair, glasses, tattoos and your shirt off at one point dancing by the DJ’s  you are a total babe.”

Taking your shirt off at Sneaky Dee’s is a great way to meet someone…no?

“You are black and shiny- I miss you so much!!! I left you on top of a payphone yesterday afternoon! I need to see you or part of you again- but it seems you have run off with a stranger! Please tell him how much you miss me- of all the fond memories we have together- i’ve been calling you but no-one picks up- just get back to me please- hear me out – understand what i need! I can be quite reciprocal!

Awe…this one misses their cell phone.

“You are a very well dressed older gentleman, executive type. We met in the washroom at St. Clair and Yonge in the underground mall area. I would love to connect again and continue our meeting…Please write to me”

We met in an underground bathroom? I wonder what’s that all about? 😉

All this being said, I’m not going to post a missed connection, that’s kinda weird. But I think I’ve found a new hobby. Some of these posts are really funny (I left the XXX rated ones out).


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