Oh my god, I am Bridget Jones

I am Bridget Jones.

The first time I saw Bridget Jones’s Diary I was in university and living with five other girls (known as the 697 girls – our address). We were in the living room and I was in my prettiest sweatpants (eddie bauer – mc hammer crotch like pants), with my favourite bean dip in front of me when I had a realization, I am Bridget Jones.

Here is my reasoning:

  • Short
  • Blonde
  • Quirky
  • Fair
  • Love to date Hugh Grant types
  • Didn’t always dress for my figure
  • Can look sloppy
  • Embarrassing things happening on a daily basis
  • Kinda funny
  • Have amazing friends
  • Know trivial facts
  • And…completely ridiculous.

What’s that all about? The good thing  is that her movies end happily. (Fingers Crossed!)


2 responses to “Oh my god, I am Bridget Jones

  1. Sweeet post.
    Happy ending awaits you.

  2. Ha. Ha. Ha. When I lived by myself, I once found myself drinking red wine in my pajamas while watching that movie, and of course that’s exactly how the movie starts… oh god. There’s a little of her in all of us.

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