Sign says don’t walk, definitely don’t walk.

With the new ‘no cell phones while driving’ law starting tomorrow, what I’m about to tell you is quite relevant.

This sign clearly says stop. That’s the opposite of go.

As I was walking home yesterday I decided to call a friend to see how she was feeling.  I was walking and dialing with my head down staring at my cell phone. I walked quickly as I  headed towards my apartment when  POW I smacked face first into the pole of the stop sign at the intersection. That’s right; I walked fast, face first into the stop sign. I picked up my phone, looked back in a panic to make sure my friends didn’t see that and then walked briskly to my apartment. While walking I noticed that I was bleeding and there was this poor girl waiting in the lobby  and she said to me “Are you ok? Do you need to go to the hospital?, so I told her that I was OK, and that I was just stupid.

I got to my apartment and  I woke up my new roommate (oh yeah… she moved in that day).

What it all boils down to, is that on the first night my new roommate moved in, I came home bleeding, maybe needing to go to the hospital because I walked into a stop sign. What’s that all about? Who does that?

That said – if you can’t walk while dialing, then you definitely can not drive while dialing.

Sign said stop…I stopped. My face hurts.


7 responses to “Sign says don’t walk, definitely don’t walk.

  1. Hilarious (sorry, it is serious – yet still).
    Looks like the same situation is happening everywhere – check this Top Trends blog article

    “In London a local council has experimented with cushioning on lampposts because pedestrians are walking into lampposts while they are texting.”

  2. Hilariousness! You complete me a little.

  3. FYI – turns out my little smack against the pole, not only gave me a cut on my eyebrow, but also gave me a concussion. Smooth move!

  4. Bless.. hope the head is feeling better.

  5. At least a streetcar didn’t run you over.

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