Movies on TV

Do you ever find that after you talk about a movie,  soon after it’s on TV? It always feels so deja vu-ish. A little bit freaky and a little bit like you are part psychic (kidding…a little).

The other day I was talking about Joe Versus the Volcano and at this exact moment it is on TV.

Meg Ryan (pre lip-job) and Tom Hanks are two of my absolute favourite actors and on top of that they are an amazing combination. Usually you only get to see them in Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail. But Joe Versus the Volcano? This movie is never on. I think I must be the movie whisperer because random movies come on a lot after I’ve talked about them. What’s that all about? I’m sure I’m not the only person this happens to.

All that said, Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan jumping into a Volcano is not commonly seen on TV and scenes where men bite Tom’s feet to give him a pedicure while dumping cans of orange pop all over him are also a  rare treasure.

Let me reiterate: A rare treasure.


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