Gold for Tacos?

Months ago I was at home watching late night cartoons (either Famliy Guy or South Park – I don’t remember anymore) when I saw this commercial that was offering a trade of your gold, for their tacos.

Gold for tacos? What’s that all about? I could not  believe my eyes. I was shocked.

I went in to work the next day and no one believed me – which is fair, it is pretty random.

They said things like:

“Jen you’re nuts”

“Jen, are you sure you weren’t dreaming?”

To add insult to injury, when I Googled it, I couldn’t find it. This reinforced all of their statements.

Today, I told my new roommate about the Gold for Tacos commercial because a Dollars for Gold commercial came on. So I decided to Google one last time.

Da Da Da Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa:

Thank god. I am not a lunatic.

PS. Why does everyone want our gold so badly right now anyway? I feel like commercial break some one is making it super easy for me to send my gold in for cash dollars.


3 responses to “Gold for Tacos?

  1. Even though I’m glad you’re not going crazy, a little part of me is sad that that means that your posts won’t slowly descend into Carroll-like insanity.

    Tacos may not quite be worth their weight in gold, but the commercial is pretty creative – I’ve seen waaayyyy too many of those “cash for gold” spots lately, and this was a nice change.

    And re: the PS: Everyone wants gold so badly because its value has gone up considerably while the dollar has taken a pounding. Its value is still on the rise, so right now, it’s an excellent commodity to have.

    • I actually loved the commercial, but everyone thought I was insane and made it up.

      Gold is on the rise yes, but these commercials are tired…although, every once in a while I get a kick out of the Cash Man

  2. i wonder if they have veggie tacos..

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