Meat…sorry I mean Meet Markets.

A few Friday’s ago me and a few girlfriends went out to the Bier Markt for some after work bevies.

Within minutes of finding a table and getting settled, swarms of dudes began to approach our table.

We were batting them off like flies. And, although it was very flattering, we could not understand why all this attention was coming our way.

Mind you, we were all attractive ladies. However, never have we (or at least never have I) been in a situation like this.  What’s that all about? It was as though we took a shower in pheromones before we headed to the bar.

But then…I looked around.

First, I looked at the girls I was with – a hot little Asian, a hot brown chick, a tall hot blonde and myself a short, spunky, curvy little blonde.

Pretty much we were a Charlie’s Angels fantasy in real life.

Second,  I looked around the bar and noticed that after we kept to ourselves and did not engage the male visitors – as it was a much needed catch up – these men moved on.

They moved on to EVERYONE. They were on a mission. I was actually quite impressed with how fast they jumped from group to group.

I would put money on it, that most of the men, did not sleep alone that night. However, I’m sure some of them may have had to resort to the good ole ‘floor scraping’ technique.

Floor Scraping


This is when a male or female goes home with the drunkest, sloppiest ‘mate’ at the bar that they had to ‘scrape’ up off the floor.  Often this ‘mate’ is met at the end of the night when the ugly lights have come on.

Example Sentence:

Men or women will sometimes resort to ‘floor scraping’ at the end of the night if they have not succeeded with option 1, option 2, or… option 15.


4 responses to “Meat…sorry I mean Meet Markets.

  1. He was scraping the floor so desperately that he woke up with gum in his hair…and a train wreck beside him.

  2. floor scraping! You’re a genius! I’m spreading this like no one’s business!

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