Attack of the younger man…

I was talking to a friend recently and we were comparing our similar situations: 1) Living in the city, 2) Getting close to 30, and  3) Still single.

Ya ya…this picture is a little ridiculous. Funny – but over the top. Back to what I’m actually talking about:

The younger man

We realized that lately when we go out, we find that we are approached by these very cute, very young 20-24 year-old’s.

When I was in my early 20’s I did not notice the absurd amount of cute young 20 somethings. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. The grocery store, the bar, events, work…EVERYWHERE. The big questions are:

Have they always been here?

Was I just oblivious?

I’m thinking it may have been because I was too hung up on the unavailable 28 year-old’s to notice.

And really, when did this start happening? When did it switch? When I was their age, I was not approached by this many and on top of that this many CUTE young 20 somethings…So why is it, that now in my late 20’s I’m bombarded by all these younger men? I’m not of Cougar status yet, so I can’t yet be a conquest. That being said, maybe they can sense that I’ve been single for so long that I’ve started to become a C.I.T (Cougar in Training).

I’m not going to lie, who wouldn’t like a little attention from a cute younger guy now and then? But seriously, what’s that all about?

Hello Mrs. Robinson!

Realistically all the men my age are probably taken, and this is the reason why I only meet younger men. The oldies are at home with their wives.


One response to “Attack of the younger man…

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I have been noticing this too. I recently started “having fun” with a cute 24 year old. I am 27.
    It is fun. His arms are as big as my thigh. He is all about fun and having a blast.
    I was so busy in my early twenties trying to be serious with work, love and life. Now that I am doomed to singlehood, I am having way more fun!

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