Hi Wayne…Hiiiiiiii

In first year university, my roommate Teri (an avid snowboarder) took me out on the mountain (small hill) for the first time.

On my floor pretty much everyone snowboarded, had snowboarded, or dated snowboarders. Being from the flattest place in the world – a.k.a. Windsor – I grew up on skates, not boards or skis. So naturally being a wannabe, I decided to purchase a snowboard, boots and bindings from a friend on my floor.

OK so…Teri and I arrive at the hill. We locked our stuff in lockers and head over the chairlift. While on the lift Teri said to me “Are you going to be ok getting off?” I, being the overconfident-I-think-I’m-an-athlete-but-I’m-not of course answered…”Sure, no problem”.

We get to where you’re supposed to get off the lift and of course I bailed. I looked up and my camp ex-boyfriend/ex-crush (whatever he was) was working the lift…of course he was, what’s that all about? Anyway, I saw him, lifted my head raised my right arm and waved at him saying “Hi Matty”. Then BAM the next chair on the lift smoked me in the of the head. Matt, then had to pick me up and carry me to the side so I wouldn’t get trampled on by the other riders.

Sometimes I think a bloopers camera should follow me around.


3 responses to “Hi Wayne…Hiiiiiiii

  1. When I first enjoyed snowboarding for the first time I quit after 5 meters and carried the board all the way down on my own. My crush was at the site too, except it wasn’t ex. Soon it became.

  2. You make me giggle and I love love love this photo. Miss you girls heaps! E xo

  3. That was hilarious! Good times were had by all. I miss you Jen; we should catch up some time.

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