Leafs vs Wings

After the glorious team Canada win on Sunday, I have decided that I am going to become a hockey fan once again.

Seriously, the sport couldn’t be more exciting! Like sit on the edge of your seat, bite all your nails off exciting.

Like many Canadians I grew up in an arena. When I wasn’t figure skating, I was watching my brother or my friends play hockey. I was in an arena 7 days a week. I watched hockey all through high school, then half way through university the strike happened, and my attention was lost. I started watching things like Paradise Hotel:

What’s that about? Whore Hotel? How could shows like this take precedence over hockey? What was my problem?!

Back to hockey:

Because I grew up in a suburb of Detroit (aka Windsor) I was always a Red Wings fan. Let’s be serious…they won the Stanley Cup in 97/98/02/08 AND Stevie Y may have been the best looking man who ever played the sport.

However, when I moved to Guelph for university, I was no longer able to watch Wings games and by default became a Leafs fan. I watched when Mats Sundin would dance around the net and get it in every time. Yeah, I saw that. However,  as I stated above the strike came along and I lost all interest in hockey.

That is…until now.

BUT, who do I support? I have no idea who any of the players any more. Dougy Gilmour doesn’t play. I’m currently at a total loss as to who I want to favour in the NHL.

Pros for the Leafs

An all round Canadian Team.

I live in Toronto.

I like their uniform.

Cons for the Leafs

They don’t win.

Pros for Detroit

They win!

Cons for Detroit

Can’t watch the games.

Have no idea who plays on the team.

A tire and a wing? That’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!


OK…I think I’ve come to a conclusion; I will support the Leafs in every game except Detroit games.  Maybe it’s a little cowardly, but I can like two teams at once, can’t I?

I will however, vow to myself to not forget my love of the game ever again.


5 responses to “Leafs vs Wings

  1. back to hockey, good on ya! you’ll stay more hooked if you arrange to support a few teams. you know, like any Canadian team against any American team. I’m generally an Ottawa supporter though I’ve lived in Vancouver and Victoria longer.

    btw i have a slew of friends here in Vic from the ol Windsor. i think more than half my peeps our here are from Ontario. smart movers, i think.

  2. Jennifer…

    How could you give up on our beloved Wings?!?! No matter where a true Wings fan ventures their commitment to the Detroit boys should never waiver.

    PS… Although he has hung-up his skates, Stevey Y is still an active member of the Red Wings family. And for not knowing this, it is official… he’s mine… all mine!

    • I did not give up on them, I just like the Leafs too.

      Don’t you fret my friend, I was watching when they retired his jersey. I knew he retired!

      Ps…I met him once! Therefore…once again he is mine, and Mrs. Samik’s.

  3. How about the Habs!!!!

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