Footbag net

Last year at work a few of us brought back  hacky sack as a regular activity. The regulars on the team were: Me, Dyl, Max & Scotty. It got to the point where we were playing daily and we started sending out meeting requests to each other to ensure that we got our daily fill of hacky sack in.

All of us on the team are proficient google-ers. So when the meeting requests began, so did the google-ing. We found all kinds of videos, websites and wonderful things from the great, big, vast internet-thing.

The dudes all had a thing for this lady during this period in our lives:

We created all kinds of new stalls; the hat stall, the shoulder stall, and my personal favourite the boob stall. Really, it was all kinds of fun.

BUT then…we found FOOTBAG NET. What’s that all about? It’s about making a sick set and then crushing it! Or, it’s like a hackey sack version of volley ball.

So, after we came back from a video shoot one day, where we were filming a club scene. We converted a velvet rope into our net and played a game of FOOT BAG NET with two teams of five.

Pretty much it was the best day of my life (slight exaggeration).

Please notice the velvet rope and the blonde in line!


2 responses to “Footbag net

  1. Heya. Footbag is one word 🙂

  2. How could you neglect to mention “the Russian”?!?!

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