FYI – Gloria Estefan is not a valid excuse for speeding

When I was in third year university I was in a long distance relationship with a fella from my hometown. Because of how infatuated I was, I went home pretty much every weekend.

By nature, I’m a pretty competitive person. Suffice it to say…I love winning. Even winning against myself. So, at this point in my life I had a bit of a lead foot. I liked to see if I could shave time off my drive every week. However, I wasn’t too careless – except, when listening to music.

I was driving along the 401 when a Gloria Estefan song came on.

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but when I listen to music, I often find myself driving faster or slower depending on the beat.  And with Gloria…you almost always have a good beat.

Back to the story:

I was driving near Woodstock, singing along and dancing to Gloria, when I see lights in my rear view mirror. I look at my speedometer and I was going 143 (holy crap bag).

The officer pulled me over, came up to my window, told me how fast I was going and asked me why I was speeding.

I responded, “I was listening to Gloria Estefan and I just got carried away” – I really said that. On top of that, I burst into tears as I said it. What’s that all about? I couldn’t have come up with a better response? Do I really need to be inappropriately honest at all times? And, what’s with the tears? How stereotypical could I have been?

The officer, took my license to his car, did whatever they do in there and came back to me. Luckily, he said that he had to give me a ticket, but he was going to knock it down to 128. He said that I needed to lose the points to learn the lesson.

Lesson learned: NO DRIVING TO GLORIA…she’s just to damn exciting.


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