PJ’s in public

Before I write this post, I would like to apologize if I offend you.

Over the Chrismukka holidays I went back to Windsor to celebrate with my parents. When it comes to things like purchasing gifts/cards or mailing letters, I have a horrible tendency to procrastinate.

That said, because of my procrastination habits I had to go to the mall to pick up some last minute gifts. While there I made an astute observation that made me irate:

Several people were out in public in their reindeer PJ’s.

What’s that all about? I mean, has our culture gotten so casual that it’s OK to go out in public in your pajamas? No offense, but REALLY – get dressed.

Does it really take longer to zip up your jeans then tie up that draw string? How does one select which PJ’s to wear?  Does one wear the teddy bear print, or the flower print?  For me I find that if I’m extra lazy on a particular day, I’ll just put a dress on. It’s an outfit in one piece. SUPER EASY.

JS-ing – PJ’s are for home.

Confession – when I was in high school and possibly university, I too may have been guilty of this horrific offense (please feel my shame as I write this). I have since seen the error in my ways. When you leave your house, you never know who you’ll run into or meet, so why would you look like a train-wreck on purpose?

I guess, if it’s super late night and you’re running to the store, maybe just maybe you can be the exception. But it better be the corner store, and it better be really late!


2 responses to “PJ’s in public

  1. Maybe it was wear your pj’s to work day at Old Navy!

  2. Hmm…which might be more offensive, going out in PJs or sleeping in jeans (which I sometimes do)?

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