NKOTB and me

When I was in grade four my mom took me, two girlfriends, my unwilling brother and my neighbbour to see the New Kids on the Block. PRETTY MUCH, at that point in my life, that was the most amazing night of my life. I was obsessed with them. I would take my plastic microphone and speaker and sing at the top of my lungs to every part, especially Joey’s. I would be jealous of the girls in my class that had better/more paraphernalia than I did. I envisioned my future, where I would tour with them, be married to Joey, and occasionally accompany them in a song or two. Yeah…it was like an Elvis type crush. Borderline nutzo.

The next time I saw them, it was towards the end of their era, and I didn’t really like them anymore because…well, it wasn’t cool. At this concert, I was sick and fell asleep at one point – WE were in the 10th row. What’s that all about? They were still AMAZING. But, there was zero cool factor at the time and I, like most pre-teens was desperate to be cool.

Then, September 2008 came along. They came back.

It. Was. Incredible. AND they were starting their tour in Toronto. Unfortunately, I had missed the boat on getting tickets for the concert and was pretty upset with myself. Then one day Natalie from work said “do you want to go the NKOTB concert for free and will you write an article for an online magazine?”.  I said ” uh…YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!”

First I had to find the perfect outfit (what if I meet them? – yes, I thought this). Then I headed to the concert. PS. I was by myself. When the concert started I was in complete and total awe. I fell back in love with Joey McIntyre.  I’d look at the stage, look at the big screen, stage, big screen, I was so over stimulated, I felt like a 13 year old. The crazy thing was, they actually preformed. I was a little worried, that they wouldn’t have ‘it’ any more because it had been so long, but they were incredible. The dancing, the light show, the stages – it was fabulous.

The above moment is now the actual best moment of my life – wish I was kidding.

Once again, as a grown up, I am obsessed with NKOTB. So when they came back to Toronto the following  summer I went with some friends (not a total loser that time). We had lawn seats at the Molson Amplitheatre. And again…love and awe. I have never seen  or will ever see so many women between the ages of 25-35 in one place.

We are all crazy.

Giddy, excitable woman everywhere. Felt like a slumber party in high school.

It was so much fun, that Megan and I (a roommate from uni) vowed to each other, that we would go together to see the New Kids every time they come to Toronto (provided we still live in the GTA) for the rest of our lives.

So, here we are – another concert. On June 10th, the Casino Rama will be seeing my face all over their hotel as I will be trying to find Joey’s room. Just kidding, he’s married (I think). If Kelly Taylor can meet Color Me Bad, then I can meet NKOTB!


4 responses to “NKOTB and me

  1. OMG….i also went to their concert in 2008 and fell back in love….why didnt i know about this concert at casino rama?? I wanna come!

  2. I used to be a crazed fan too – had everything from the bed sheets to a standing 3d cut out of them…. ya I am already regretting admitting that but I think you can understand…

  3. i got rid of all my stuff 😦 I will have to get new stuff when we see them at Rama in June. the New Kids were my first concert ever. I was 8. It was a Saturday night in December at the Sky Dome. Anyone who doesn’t know about the “dome” was probably not born the first time these guys were cool. like my younger sisters…

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