Vajazzling – Sexy?

Months ago, Jennifer Love Hewitt (you know, Sarah from Party of Five) went on the Lopez Tonight show to talk about Vajazzling.

First I remember being in shock that she was talking about this, then I remember thinking to myself  what’s that all about? Do people really pay for someone to put Swarovski Crystals on their lady parts?

Appearantly they do:

For months I was curious about what this would look like. Would this be ‘sexy’? Now after seeing pictures, I still can’t tell. I think it looks uncomfortable.

Honestly, think about lying on a bed spread that has been Bedazzled – that does not sound awesome. It sounds irritating, like it would leave imprints all over your skin.

Now…I’m not going to put a picture of a Vajazzled vagine on my blog BUT you can Google it! Or click on this hyper-linked Vajazzle!

Gotta keep this blog family friendly – well quasi family friendly.


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