Be Tina Fey!

Mean Girls came out in 2004 and that was the moment when my love for Tina Fey became real. How could one person encompass what it truly was like to be a teenage girl in an overly exaggerated way. It was brilliant. She was brilliant. I decided at that point, that I wanted to be her. She’s essentially the coolest girl on the block. It doesn’t even matter what block it is, if she’s on it, she’s the coolest!

In my high school experience, I wasn’t the coolest girl, but I did alright for myself (my parents had a pool and they went away a lot). Anyway there were countless moments in her movie that I’m pretty sure she stole from my life:

  • Girls saying ‘irregardless’
  • Being told I couldn’t wear an outfit because it was similar to another girls (hello…it was a Christmas present)
  • Being totally mortified by every thing my parents did
  • Having a girl try to punch me in the head because I was ‘talking’ with her EX boyfriend. Please note a) I said talking, b) I said ex boyfriend – they dated for two months – What’s that all about? Do I look like the scrappy type?
  • Having the same girl point out that she was ‘pretty’ and I was ‘ugly’ – I wasn’t uggo, this girl was just a giant B-word!

Anyway, at that moment I fell in love! (Non-sexual love, but love none-the-less)

A few years later, I was out with some friends, when one of their husbands said I reminded him of Tina Fey. BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE! Pretty much, that dude is now my favourite person of all time. How did he know?!!

So on Monday, I headed to the movies to see Date Night, and once again BRILLIANT. I laughed so hard that when I left my face hurt from smiling.

Two words: SEX ROBOTS!

However, I realized something when I got home. Maybe I shouldn’t want to ‘Be Tina Fey’ (there really can only be one), but maybe I should emulate her strength and perseverance. She is after all an amazing female role-model: intelligent, beautiful, witty (out right hilarious) and amazingly confident.

Really, I think she should be a role-model for a lot of women. She’s good at what she does, and seems as though she has fun doing it. She’s a much better role-model all those cracked out little tweeny boppers – sorry LiLo…but seriously, get your act together! I loved you in Mean Girls.

Ps. I want to marry Will Ferrell too. One major problem, he’s already married and I’m half serious. He’s just pee your pants funny, the kind of funny you want to grow old with!


4 responses to “Be Tina Fey!

  1. I love Tina Fey too – she is the living proof that female comedians can have it all, including the ability to make jokes at her own expense. But the best thing I like about her is her professionalism – whatever program she is in, she always knows that the role is the queen, not “Tina Fey.” Some people (in Asia) have no idea who she is, but remember her roles here and there. That’s so cool.

  2. On your recommendation I will be seeing this movie this week. And do agree, Tina Fey is brilliant. Did you see the SNL skit with Justin Beiber? You should consider adding it to this post –

  3. I love Mean Girls! And I love Tina Fey…one of my friends told me I reminded him of her. Great feeling.

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