Lee’s Palace…cool people only

This post is a little bit embarrassing, a little bit of a vent.

Confession: I forgot where Lee’s Palace was.

Since I’ve moved to Toronto I’ve been to many live shows. However NONE of them have been at Lee’s Palace. For the most part I’ve been venturing to the Horseshoe to see shows. I love the Horseshoe, it’s dirty and the draft beer makes you feel sick.

Anyway, the last time I was at Lee’s Palace, was about 5-6 years ago to see my favourite Toronto band Staggered Crossing. I LOVE this band, I’ve seen them about a million times, and many of the times I saw them was at Lee’s Palace. So…you’d think I’d remember.

Here’s my disclaimer: I did not live in Toronto then, and had no idea as to where I was. I didn’t know up from down or left from right, so even though I knew I loved Lee’s Palace I totally forgot where it was. Plus, drinking was involved so pretty much I’d just get in a cab and end up where I needed to be.

Last night, I was supposed to go see my friends band called Bombs. I was really looking forward to going because Ryan is a very talented musician, and I haven’t seen him play with his full band yet. Because I had forgotten where Lee’s Palace was, I used my Google machine to find the location.

Judy picked me up from my work party, and we headed to Bloor east. A part of me thought to myself…”that’s not right” but Google and Mapquest said that was the location, so I went with it.

After driving around Bloor east for about 15 minutes and not finding it I called Lee’s Palace, only to hear that they are located at Bloor west by Bathurst – KNEW IT. We ended up turning around and heading home because we had already missed half of their set.

I decided that I should call Lee’s Palace and let them know that their address is incorrect online and that they should get it checked. I mean a client is a client and who wants to lose business.

This morning, my phone rang and it was Bell Canada, so I answered it:

Voice recording: ‘This is Bell Canada, someone has sent you a message using our service and it is no cost for you to check it. Do you accept?’

I accepted.

Message – from Lee’s Palace (paraphrased): ‘Hi Jen I’m calling from Lee’s Palace. We actually put our address on Google incorrectly so that only ‘cool’ people know where it is and it keeps all the people that aren’t cool out. We only want cool people here so, we’re sorry about that.’ AND THEN the a-hole sarcastically finished with, ‘So we’ll get on that lawsuit with Google to solve the address situation immediately’

DICK. What’s that all about? Never in my life have I ever been treated so disrespectfully. It was a total shocker that someone would have the nerve to treat ANYONE like that. I was trying to help them out – WTF?! I mean, who classifies people as ‘cool’ and ‘uncool’? What are we 10 year olds? Besides…I’m pretty f-ing cool and that guy’s a giant douche.

Regardless…the Horseshoe is way better anyway!

*Fingers crossed my tone wasn’t angry…we were pretty frustrated at that time.

14 responses to “Lee’s Palace…cool people only

  1. wow, what an ass. if I were you, I would spread the word about how shitty that place is. they’ll start seeing who the “cool” people really are.

  2. WOW is exactly right! I’m disgusted. I can’t stand try-hards like that prick who left that message about tricking the uncool people. you’re better off not having gone there.

  3. I want to know how Bombs was and if their bass player is named Dan. Think Stockie’s friend is in that band…

  4. I don’t know this man, but my mental image of him is tight skinny jeans, some kind of purple or oddly coloured shows with the tongues hanging out, prob from one of the “hip” shoe stores on Queen, an old t-shirt he probably either picked up at the Black Market or one of the AA shirt that are supposed to look vintage, def a plaid shit and probably cool big rimmed black glasses and an oversized tuque or some kind of new age gay hipster haircut. Somewhere between a fo-hawk and a mullet.

    Lee’s Palace is a shit hole anyways, you’re not missing anything. Horseshoe FTW.

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  6. Sadly, Lee’s and the Shoe are owned and operated by the same people.

  7. Bummer!

    The address is correct, except, it’s WEST, not EAST. I’ve seen this happen on google maps before and I don’t think it’s the management of Lee’s Palace. Not sure who left you the message, but they were probably being rude because they couldn’t be bothered to get to the root of the problem (unfortunately).

    I’ve flagged the address as incorrect in Google Maps… that will eventually get it looked at. Alternatively, the management of Lee’s Palace could claim the listing and change it themselves (if they’re so inclined).

  8. Man, your life is hard.

  9. As a fellow practitioner of ‘observational humour’, I too get angry when someone is joking with me.

  10. Pfft, you’re just pissed b.c you realized then and there that you weren’t cool like the rest of us Lee’s Palace-goers and Dance Cave attendees

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