Never did I ever think

I work in advertising.

Because of this I’m I work on a lot of pitches…all the time.

Today we were in a call with a client, we were pitching a concept to her.  At one point in the call my boss was describing the concept and said  “And she’ll stop to look at her tweet”.

OK so, I realize that now-a-days, this is normal conversation, but how does one not snicker at such an absurd comment.

“She’ll stop and look at her tweet.”

It just sounds dirty. What’s that all about? Did Twitter do this on purpose? So that they could giggle to themselves?

I bet 3 dudes were sitting in a room, thinking ‘how can we make the WORLD and most of ‘the news casters’ sound dirty?’.

‘I know,  let’s call it tweeting‘.


2 responses to “Never did I ever think

  1. I always giggle when I’m watching the news and they say something about twitter.

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