Guest post – Straight and bake

A few months ago I discovered this blog by a girl named Jessica:

’20 something female who wouldn’t call herself a Pulitzer winner, but then again if Al Gore can win a Nobel Peace Prize an Emmy and an Oscar…she can do anything.’

She wrote about similar things that I write about, and she was pretty darn funny! We began commenting back and forth on each others blog…and now, she’s my first guest blogger. So have a read, and also check out her blog!

Bake and straight

What’s up with guys who love to bake but swear they are straight? No, I’m not talking about that Rocco Dispirito guy who is actually pretty sexy. I am talking about guys who are in the Glee club, collect different sized muffin tins and actually get a joy from the baking aisle in grocery stores.

These guys also—typically–have girlfriends. I have to wonder: what’s that all about? Don’t the girls know they probably care more about their Zucchini bread and whether or not it has a moist center as opposed to how much he turns her on?

What’s worse? These guys are not shy about their Martha Stewart traits. I will remain neutral on this, but I have friends who openly post status’ on social networks discussing their various baked goods and how “yummy, tasty, mmMMmmmmM good” they are. Not to mention, the statements are followed with several exclamation points and possible hearts.

I have also seen their various products at a mixture of parties that involve cheap beer, drunk twenty year olds and one perfectly poised plate of homemade brownies on a doily, sprinkled in powdered sugar and perfectly garnished with strawberries.

What makes this worse? These guys are usually doing this from scratch and also baking for the masses. Yeah, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Remember when your mom used to bake cupcakes for your Birthday when you were eight so you would bring them to class? Well, you were eight, and as anti-feminist as this may sound, that was her domestic duty as a mother.

The only domestic duty I want my boyfriend to have is cooking me a hearty dinner and refilling my alcoholic beverage (dessert sauce on each other is the only “baking” allowed).

***Jenerally…if I could find a dude who baked…I’d love it. My sweet tooth is insatiable sometimes.


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