Summer of trouble

When I was 20 years old, I decided that I wanted to spend my summer vacation from university in Windsor. I ended up getting a job at Pepper’s.


This place was wild. People would line up for 2 hours to get in to this bar. It was incredible.

  • There was a cage for dancing.
  • My good friend Stacey was the QUEEN of body shots for bachelor parties.
  • Friday and Saturday nights consisted of hot body contests and bikini contests.

For the most part, I grew up in a conservative house hold. I’m not talking right wing craziness, but my dad is an engineer and my mom is a teacher. So pretty much, I grew up wearing gloves to Sunday school and I can set a mean table.

I was a little shy at that point in my life (please note that I said ‘a little’). So when I started at Pepper’s, I wore a tank top under my vest and my skirt went to just above my knee.

Anyway, after about a month of working at Pepper’s, I was getting frustrated because the girls were making more money than me. So, I followed suit. I lost 15lbs, hiked up the skirt, ditched the tank top under the vest and bought about 5 push up bra’s. My tips, went from $100/night to $200/night with just a little cleavage.

I was working 5-6 days a week, and was allowed to get off early one-two shift per week. We were like a happy little family. A bunch of girls, who once were ladies, got dressed in our mini uniforms and headed to work. It was one of my favourite times in my life.

On one occasion in particular, I was heading out the door on my way to work, when one of my parent’s friends said:

“That’s your uniform? You look like a street walker.”

What’s that about? Really if you go out now, you’re lucky if girls remember to put underwear on underneith their little mini dresses. I had on tights AND panties. I was a step a head of the game.

Needless to say, my parents were not all that impressed with me. So when I was asked to Jello wrestle ($150 for 1.5 minutes) at our sister club, I turned it down.


3 responses to “Summer of trouble

  1. You crack me up!!!!

    Love the blog – this one hit home (for obvious reasons) – my addition to the story is that my conservative Catholic parents ‘popped’ in to see me one night while I was wearing my 5-click bra and mini-skirt – no longer Daddy’s girl!!!

    Thanks for the memories –

  2. awwww i totally missed this!!! …… and ya I WAS!!! This was an amazing summer!!! i left before the jell-o wrestling started… but the Foxy Boxing was a hell of a workout!

    My “Olga” bra paid for my tuition in 2 wks!!
    I felt “Oprah Rich” that summer…. lol.

    …… when my parents asked where the rest of my skirt was I said paying for my tuition… lol.

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