Apparently, according to the universe, I have a lot of doppelgangers. Since high school strangers, and friends a like have insisted that they have seen me out and about.

At work, about once a month, someone will come to me and say “Jen, look out the window, your doppelganger is outside again”.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and insist that I don’t have that many people that look like me. However, when you’re short, a little curvy, blonde, with no distinct features (ex. big nose, strange mole, large scar on face*) I guess you may find that you have a lot of people looking like you or at least, a little like you.

I once got into an argument with a lady who insisted she was my aunt. What’s that all about? If a person says that their name is not Kristen, and that they are not related to you, you should believe them, no?

So today, I had to work on another computer at work because my real computer was infected with a porn virus. I wanted to be connected to the universe still, so I downloaded Windows Live Messenger and this is what I saw:

I realize, that this girl and I are not twins, but I did a double take. Which leads me to believe that MAYBE I do have many doppelgangers out there. And if I do have all these doppelgangers, what are they like? Are they giant weirdies like me?

*I do have a little bit of a Luke Perry going on in my right eyebrow, but it’s not that noticeable.


5 responses to “Doppelgangers

  1. My brother works at a grocery store with a guy that seriously could pass as his twin (or rather triplet since he’s already a twin). I went into the store a week ago and had to do a double take. I knew my brother was not working that day (was in fact, out of town) but I could have sworn he was there.

  2. I have a doppelganger.

    Once a friend sent my then-boyfriend a picture of a girl who looked exactly like me. The pic was taken at a party I would never attend in a million years so the friend was confused. The bf told him “that’s not max”. I said “that’s not me”. This guy refused to believe it because the chick looks exactly like me. I sent it out to friends like “isn’t this weird?” and everyone was like “what’s weird about a picture of you?”. I was like – it’s not me! Only like half the people believed me. It got to the point where I was having trouble believe myself….

  3. How’d you get the porn virus Jen ????
    ; )

    just sayin’


  4. ahaha :p people always tell me i look like their friends or sisters ..but i’ve never had a person insisting she was my aunt! đŸ˜›

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