The Bachelor

Women everywhere seem to all have Bachelor fever.  Being a woman, I too have gotten into a couple of seasons. I really haven’t watched it since about 2004, but regardless, I can’t say that I’ve never watched it.

So, being a grown up, I realize that most people have somewhat of a past – unless they married their high school sweetheart (even then they could have a past).  However, when I am dating someone, personally I’d rather not know too much of their history. I mean some of it is necessary like ‘have you been engaged before’ ‘are you a giant cheater’. But other than that what’s the point?

Now, on The Bachelor, these women are witnessing  the Bachelor’s history happen right in front of them and they convince themselves that they are ok with it. No woman is ok with that – What’s that all about?

Here’s why I think this is BS:

1) Over night dates – What do you really think is going on when they close those hotel doors? I’ll tell you, they are touching each others privates. OR their privates, are touching each others privates. Either way, this dudes going on a date with you the next day, and you’re clearly sloppy seconds.

2) Why on earth would you ever put yourself against 24 other women? It just seems like a bad idea.

3) Public humiliation.  He has three ex-girlfriends in the period of a week and you all look like desperate crazies…Just Sayin’.

This goes for the Bachelorette as well!


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