Raisin’ da Roof on The After Show

Last year I attended the filming of The Hills After Show when it was time for Lauren Conrad to give her sign off.

I’m the bitchy looking one in directly behind and in between Jesse and Dan.

Confession #1

I don’t really watch the Hills. If it’s on I can get into it, but for the most part, reality ‘ain’t my thing’. I do however love the gossip and love getting caught up on it.

Confession # 2

My ticket was given to me for free last minute and I happened to have the best seat in the house!

Anyway, when we first got there they told us not to make any funny faces or be weird in front of the camera or we’d get kicked out. But then Tay from work text me that she could see me on TV and that she wanted me to ‘raise the roof’.

Well, a dare is a dare.

When LC was done talking and everyone was applauding, I looked left, I looked right, and then I ‘raised the roof’ in front of millions of people. What’s that all about? Have I no shame? Who ‘raises the roof’ past 1997?

BUT THEN…tonight I was watching The After Show with my roommate (she loves that kind of TV) and the costume director or designer (insert some big fashion position) for the show Gossip Girl ‘raised the roof’ because he liked Olivia’s outfit!

Just sayin’ – I’m ahead of my time. That is all.


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