My life??

First, I’d like to start this post with a giant apology as I haven’t written in what feels like ages. You see:

First my cat was sick. I pretty much fell apart and I got so stressed, that I lost a mini patch of hair (it’s growing back don’t you worry). I probably don’t need to tell you that I lost a patch of hair because my cat was sick, but I thought I should embrace my ‘crazy cat ladyness’ and just put it out there.

Second, I went on a MUCH needed vacation. Pretty much for the last couple of years I’ve been running on overdrive and as it turns out that I’m a giant stress bucket. (See above confession).

So…here’s my post:

I’m a bit of a day dreamer – I know you’re shocked by this. In high school, when the counselor asked me what I wanted to do, I had the hardest time deciding because as a child, I always just assumed I’d either a) be famous or b) working in the ‘biz’ in some way. The movie Superstar, was strangely close to my active imagination.

As you may already know, I’m a giant fan of the show Glee. It’s funny, it’s entertaining and it makes me smile week to week. One of the ways I wanted to ‘make it big’ was that I wanted to be in a musical or work on a musical. (Ideally, I would be the star – kidding…not really). I’ve always loved to perform and be apart of performances.

Anyway, I wanted to be in a musical so bad that two years ago I started to take ballroom dance lessons at Danceology.


I loved it so much, that I started to go a minimum of 5 days a week. I would go for 1-2 hours every day after work, I’d go on Sunday’s and I’d go out Salsa dancing and swing dancing as my recreational activities.  I would also do performances – aka Dance Recitals.

The below video is of VERY POOR quality.

I also started to take singing lessons from my parents very talented friend; Opera Singer and voice coach (if that’s the incorrect term I’m sorry) – Jeanette Dagger.

So here’s the thing…Alexis Martin Woodall is the producer on the show Glee and every week, I see her name it taunts me. In all honesty I get a little (alright a lot) jealous every time I see her name in the credits. Woodall is not the most uncommon name in the book, but common…it’s not like it’s Smith. This other Woodall works day to day on the show Glee – my favourite show of all time. WTF.

Also, there’s a Trinny Woodall. Trinny Woodall was the host for What Not to Wear on the BBC. What’s that all about?

Wait for it…there’s more – there is a Jen Woodall who not only is hugely invovled in the Toronto fashion scene, but she does wardrobe on movie sets. I do wardrobe/hair/make-up on Nokia sets.

(I only did hair/make-up on this one).

Anyway, these amazing Woodall women are kicking ass in the ‘Biz’. They are living what I always dreamed of.  How is it, that these three women have jobs I would kill for AND they are Woodall’s? Can there be room for FOUR Woodall’s? Just sayin…that’s a little f-d.


2 responses to “My life??

  1. Jenn!?!?!? Where did you get that photo of me?!?
    I have never seen it before. Amazing what one can find on the web. WOW!! See you soon, my love.

  2. This is too weird.
    I’m the Jenn Woodall you are referencing in this post. I was googling my name (I know, I’m ashamed) and your blog came up. Do you ALSO live in Toronto? Do we seriously share the same name, live in the same city and also work in the same industry? Are you union or freelance? My mind is thoroughly blown. I can’t even describe how crazy that is! We totally have to be blog friends now, you realize.

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