Guest blogging

OK, so originally I was holding out for Conan to be my first guest blogger, but I think that there are so many people that have What’s that all about? instances that I should open it to the jeneral public.


1) No swearing. However abbreviations are OK. Examples: f-bombs, a-hole, sh**head.

2) Sex is to be left to the imagination. No one needs all the details.

3) You need to fit what’s that all about? in at some point within the blog.

Next, email me at with  your story and the extras that will make it pop ex. pictures, URL’s to pictures, YouTube video links. If it makes me giggle I will post it!

My letter to Conan. I responded to his Craigslist Ad. See Below:

My Email:


My very own talk show? I’ve always wanted one of those! Although I do not have Coldplay tickets, I’ll offer you a chance to be a guest blogger on my website:

If not, good luck with the sale. I hope you and Leno will be able to hug it out soon.



Ps. Thumb wrestling wars often solve important disputes.


11 responses to “Guest blogging

  1. hey girl, so can you expand on what it is you would like me to write about? Is this just a “what’s that all about?” On any topic??

    • Hey Jess! That’s pretty much it. You can ‘What’s that all about?’ any topic you like…as long as it makes you laugh! Believe you me…there are many things you can WTAA!

  2. hey Jen,
    That sucks what happened to you with Lees palace. I read your blog about the Horseshoe being better, just wanted to give you a heads up, the horseshoe and lees palace are owned by the same people, and share the same staff.

  3. Well gosh golly darn. After reading the rules, I”m thinking I’m out…lol

  4. Hmmmmmmm, any suggestions on what kind of topics you may look for in a guest blog?

  5. Well I’ll keep “what’s that all about” in mind and see what I can come up with 🙂

  6. I’ll come up with something next week.

  7. Awwww Hell!!

    My blog today would have been good as a guest spot here.

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