Random Thoughts

Please enjoy my random thoughts and mind wanderings.

My two fave things…both sweet and both portly.

Double Stuf Oreo's and my Double Stuf Turner

I want to dance with Zac Efron.

I walked into a stop sign yesterday. This gave me good reason to eat EIGHT Oreo’s today.

“Mess with me and you’ll pee on your thigh and pocket contents. My name is Cleveland Brown” – Cleveland, The Cleveland show

Confession #2

At places where they have serve yourself fountain pop, if they have orange pop, I still to this day fill the cup up with 85% Orange and then top it off with 7Up. Yeah…I still do that.

Confession #1:

I’m a grown up that loves to drink chocolate milk from a straw and when I get Chicken Nuggets from McDonald’s I lay out my plate with fries in one corner, nuggets in another, line up my four sauces (ketchup, honey, sweet & sour and BBQ) and then I eat each nugget in four bites (one bite, one sauce).


30 Rock and Parks and Rec are today’s Friends and Will and Grace – same demographic, amazingly funny.


So,  when I was driving home today I drove passed a horse cop and I started thinking to myself:

What if the the main way to travel around domestically was if we all used horses as our main source of transportation? And Green P stood for Green Pastures, and you’d just leave your horse there for the day while you went to work?

Just putting it out there.

Oh No… I am a crazy cat lady.

I love this:


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