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Oh yeah…we live together

I sent out a message to my Tweeter followers, asking for a little help on ideas for blog posts because they haven’t been coming to me as easily lately…seems as though I need to walk into another street sign or something.

When a girlfriend of mine msn’s me this:

  • 6 flirtatious hang-outs
  • 3 of them professional networking hangs
  • 1 scooter ride (included with one of the below dinners)
  • 2 three hour magical dinners
  • And…1 movie night

Turns out on movie night lover boy confessed that he had just moved in with his girlfriend. WTF – took six hangs to disclose this information? ASS!

This made me remember what happened to me a couple of Octobers ago:

When I was 19 I met a fellow who I had an on again/off again (mostly off again)  ‘relationship’ with for over seven years. In 2007 I decided that our entire relationship was unhealthy, and that I needed to call it quits.

Then, in 2009 I started to get emails from (for the sake of this post let’s call him Larry) him. Larry’s emails were friendly:

“How are you?”

“What’s going on in your life?”

“I’m in Toronto on business sometimes if you want to get together for dinner…”

At first I thought I shouldn’t meet him for dinner as I had cut Larry out of my life when I went through a state of cleansing my life of bad decisions. But then, I thought to myself ‘why not?’ we always had so much fun together, it would be nice to have a friendly (just friendly) catch up.

I didn’t want to make a bad decision with him…I just thought this was perfect.

He called me during the day to see where I wanted to go for dinner and then he suggested having dinner in the restaurant in his hotel.

Clearly, this was a horrible idea, so I suggested him coming to get me  and we could go to a restaurant downtown.

We ended up heading to the Bier Markt. The waiter came around to take our drink order. Larry ordered a beer and I ordered a double Belvedere on the rocks. I figured since a) I’m not trying to impress this guy to try and get a second date – this was our millionth , and b) it was a little creepy of him to suggest having dinner at his hotel –  I could order the exact drink that I wanted.

Next it was time to order dinner, since he ordered the steak (and that’s what I wanted) I ordered the steak…medium rare (but closer to rare then medium).

We chatted for a while, had some good laughs, I made a bunch of jokes at his expense, when finally I asked him if he was dating anyone.

His response – “Yeah..um, I wasn’t going to tell you this, but I bought a house, and live there with my girlfriend of …”

At that point I tuned him out, I think he said of 2 years or something like that.


1) Random email to a girl you dated on and off for 7 years

2) Suggestion of a ‘dinner’

3) Suggestion of a dinner at the hotel

4) Oh yeah, you WEREN’T going to tell her about your girlfriend

What’s that all about? Maybe his intentions weren’t as tawdry as they came across, but come on…dinner in the hotel restaurant? How about a night cap to finish it off? And anyway, should these men not have disclosed this information sooner? Like right away? Drop a little ‘we’ statement in there?

Larry wasn’t even going to tell me he lived with his lady…that was mega shady. Regardless, I’m now a firm believer that if you a) have a girlfriend and/or b) live with your girlfriend – you need to confess ASAP, otherwise you come off as a douche!


Meat…sorry I mean Meet Markets.

A few Friday’s ago me and a few girlfriends went out to the Bier Markt for some after work bevies.

Within minutes of finding a table and getting settled, swarms of dudes began to approach our table.

We were batting them off like flies. And, although it was very flattering, we could not understand why all this attention was coming our way.

Mind you, we were all attractive ladies. However, never have we (or at least never have I) been in a situation like this.  What’s that all about? It was as though we took a shower in pheromones before we headed to the bar.

But then…I looked around.

First, I looked at the girls I was with – a hot little Asian, a hot brown chick, a tall hot blonde and myself a short, spunky, curvy little blonde.

Pretty much we were a Charlie’s Angels fantasy in real life.

Second,  I looked around the bar and noticed that after we kept to ourselves and did not engage the male visitors – as it was a much needed catch up – these men moved on.

They moved on to EVERYONE. They were on a mission. I was actually quite impressed with how fast they jumped from group to group.

I would put money on it, that most of the men, did not sleep alone that night. However, I’m sure some of them may have had to resort to the good ole ‘floor scraping’ technique.

Floor Scraping


This is when a male or female goes home with the drunkest, sloppiest ‘mate’ at the bar that they had to ‘scrape’ up off the floor.  Often this ‘mate’ is met at the end of the night when the ugly lights have come on.

Example Sentence:

Men or women will sometimes resort to ‘floor scraping’ at the end of the night if they have not succeeded with option 1, option 2, or… option 15.