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Apparently, according to the universe, I have a lot of doppelgangers. Since high school strangers, and friends a like have insisted that they have seen me out and about.

At work, about once a month, someone will come to me and say “Jen, look out the window, your doppelganger is outside again”.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and insist that I don’t have that many people that look like me. However, when you’re short, a little curvy, blonde, with no distinct features (ex. big nose, strange mole, large scar on face*) I guess you may find that you have a lot of people looking like you or at least, a little like you.

I once got into an argument with a lady who insisted she was my aunt. What’s that all about? If a person says that their name is not Kristen, and that they are not related to you, you should believe them, no?

So today, I had to work on another computer at work because my real computer was infected with a porn virus. I wanted to be connected to the universe still, so I downloaded Windows Live Messenger and this is what I saw:

I realize, that this girl and I are not twins, but I did a double take. Which leads me to believe that MAYBE I do have many doppelgangers out there. And if I do have all these doppelgangers, what are they like? Are they giant weirdies like me?

*I do have a little bit of a Luke Perry going on in my right eyebrow, but it’s not that noticeable.


Blondes vs Brunettes

When Archie finally made a decision between Betty and Veronica I was irate.

In case you’re out of the loop, he chose Veronica – the dingbat chose Veronica. I know all the brunettes in the world are rejoicing “It’s about time the brunette wins over the blonde!”

But come on – blondes get dumped for brunettes EVERYDAY.  I myself have been dumped for brunettes countless times. What’s that all about? I’ll tell you what its all about: Men don’t want to marry a blonde. They want to sleep with a blonde. They want to marry a brunette.

Take Elle Woods for example. This video is really bad quality.

Just going to put it out there, I’m very disappointed in Archie. Actually, I’m more disappointed in Betty and Veronica for fighting over this loser who couldn’t man up and make a decision in the 40’s.  Just saying…who fights over a dude anyway – waste of time! This goes to you fellas out there too, no bird is worth fighting over.
The epic battle between blondes and brunettes will never come to a halt. That said to finish this post in the words of Kurt from work, it’s the classic Marilyn vs Jackie O complex.

Oh my god, I am Bridget Jones

I am Bridget Jones.

The first time I saw Bridget Jones’s Diary I was in university and living with five other girls (known as the 697 girls – our address). We were in the living room and I was in my prettiest sweatpants (eddie bauer – mc hammer crotch like pants), with my favourite bean dip in front of me when I had a realization, I am Bridget Jones.

Here is my reasoning:

  • Short
  • Blonde
  • Quirky
  • Fair
  • Love to date Hugh Grant types
  • Didn’t always dress for my figure
  • Can look sloppy
  • Embarrassing things happening on a daily basis
  • Kinda funny
  • Have amazing friends
  • Know trivial facts
  • And…completely ridiculous.

What’s that all about? The good thing  is that her movies end happily. (Fingers Crossed!)