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Chris Bosh – Sub Slap Comments

It’s been over a week since my last post. After writing 3 posts in 2 days, I got a little writers block. Not because of how I had nothing to say (if you knew me, you’d know I have LOTS to say), the reason is that I wanted to find something to write about that would make people laugh.

So…I went to Max (one of my many inspirations). He suggested that I write about all the ridiculous/funny/insightful/idiotic comments that people are posting on the Chris Bosh, First Ink videos on YouTube. Please note that this is relevant because we spent the last 6 months working on that project.

Fave quote 1:

“LMAO Chris Bosh is hilarious slapped that sandwich on the ground i gussed bosh doesn’t like 5 dollar foot longs”

Someone so kindly responded to this quote saying: “Chris Bosh is a nice guy…. Im sure he repaid her with another kind of foot long… if u catch my drift.”

For real?? – We caught your drift… He must have repaid her with a toasted 5 dollar foot long.

Fave quote 2:

“Duuuude. That was a perfectly good looking sandwich. Should have just flashed her or something.”

You know, I’d have to agree with that. That sub looked tasty.

Fave quote 3:

“that looked like a good sandwich you should of just punched her in the face.”

Punch her in the face? Are you kidding? How could anyone want to punch a cute little face like that?  That’s pretty much sacreligious. Just sayin’.

Fave quote 4:

“don’t be flashin’ yo sandwich like you’re better than me. I’ll smack that sandwich out yo hand leaving bread in the streets. I’ll smack a gyro, a euro or a BLT. Rubbing condiments in your eyes, repetitively.”

Seriously, I don’t even know what that meant. The only thing I got from that is that I never want to meet you because you’re scary.

Absolute fave quote:

“I’d let that asian girl bite my foot long 😉 that white girl too!!!”

Sure, you have a foot long. What’s that all about? Like anyone would believe that someone who has enough time to post on YouTube about their foot long has a foot long. Well maybe you have a foot long, but I’d put money on it that  your foot is a size 6.

That’s it for today. More to come. Please go on to Chris Bosh’s  YouTube channel to watch more of the video’s. They are p-r-e-t-t-y funny.

OMG – (yeah, I just OMG’d in a blog) I almost forgot one:

“that skinny asian couldn’t finish a sandwich like that, nor would she have the time, she has to study.”

I think this one speaks for itself.