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Confessions from one of the boy’s

In the last few months I’ve been called ‘A princess’, ‘Bridget Jones’, and one of  ‘the dudes’. Apparently, my friends are just as confused about how to describe me as I am. So below is a list of confessions, that if anything, will add more to the confusion:

Confession – I have not been in a committed relationship in 7 years.

Truth be told, I’ve dated people – 1 month here, 3 months there and I’VE been committed to people. But to be in a committed relationship – both partners need to be committed. At least that’s what I’ve discovered.

Because I came out of my last relationship with as many battle wounds as one could come out with  (he was a REAL keeper – I’m pretty sure I needed the 7 years to get over everything) I began to put miles and miles of emotional distance between myself and the men I was dating/interviewing…that is, unless they weren’t really into me. If this was the case, this is when I opened up the most and would totally commit myself because well, that’s the healthy thing to do right?…No takers?

Confession – I have no filter.

Pretty much, I say everything that comes to my head. This can be a good thing…sometimes, in some ways. When it comes to me, what you see is what you get; 100% honesty, awkwardness and word vomit at all times. At a girlfriends last night she pretty much told me that I should ‘censor’ some of what I say so that, a) I don’t come off as crazy, b) I come off as attractive and c) I leave some things to the imagination.

Having no filter means that it’s very, very, very difficult for me to censor myself. I have the urge to say EVERYTHING, jokes, snippy comments, random thoughts that I trail off with. This makes it difficult when it comes to dudes because…well, I can be a lot to handle because you can’t ease into me…you get all of me, all at once. I joked back at her and said that I’m going to end up with a friend who already “loves me just as I am” – please see my Bridget Jones post.

Confession – I sing girly songs, Disney songs, and interpretive dance around my house to the songs from Glee, minimum 4 times a week.

I can’t help it. It’s so much fun to twirl around in sparkly dresses while singing Disney songs.

Confession: I have developed the ability to befriend most men.

Comments like ‘you must have a lot of guy friends’, ‘don’t worry, Jen’s one of the dudes’, &  ‘she may as well be one of the guys’ are common comments I get at work, socially (ex. at my friends 30th birthday party I sat down with her boyfriend and a bunch of guys and that was how I was introduced- glad to start out on a feminine note)  and unfortunately this is sometimes the case with guys that I’m trying to date.

How I managed this – In many ways, my sense of humour is like a boys: I watch Family Guy, Seinfeld, I’m in love with SNL – mainly Will Ferrell and I don’t get squeamish when there’s a bunch of dudes around being dudes and making inappropriate, yet REALLY funny jokes.  Actually, I often chirp in and say something even more obscene. AND I’m a little, just a little flirty. A good ego stroke is good for anyone.

Confession: I work in a male dominated office and LOVE it.

Working with men is an amazing opportunity, with minimal drama (sorry ladies), tons of jokes and a great sense of security because you have 15 big brothers.

Confession: When it comes to dating, I typically get stuck in 3 scenarios – 1) The dude wants to just be my best friend. 2) The dude just wants to bone me. 3) The dude wants to be my best friend and bone me once. What’s that all about?

I constantly get put into this ‘Friend Zone’ where all of a sudden I go from being a woman to being untouchable. I don’t want to be untouchable…I moisturize.

Also, on the exact opposite end of the spectrum, in my life I have heard of many of my male friends saying ‘I just want one chance’, ‘wouldn’t that be fun’…WTF…where’s the longevity? How did ‘one of the boys’ also become a conquest that is not worth dating. I’m not a sure thing, a onetime deal – I’m kinda funny and sometimes I can be fun.

So, even though I’m one of the boys, I’m still a woman. I own close to 50 dresses and if that doesn’t prove how much of a woman I am, I’m not sure what does.

I’m pretty sure that there are some men out there that want to see if there’s a chance between us. BUT – those are never the ones I want. Where’s the fun in having zero chase? That can be the best part – the butterflies and the stress of wondering if ‘he into you’ or if  ‘he’s just not that into you’.

And as the saying goes nice guys do finish last, it’s true…but not forever, the nice guys are the ones we marry after we’re done getting our hearts torn out, stomped on and then spit on.

Confession: I’m still single…but I’m so happy.

Because I’ve had so much time to myself, I’ve been able to cultivate the best, most supportive, large group of friends. I’m very blessed with both the wonderful, amazing and strong women in my life, but also the sweet, kind and caring men that I’ve met.

Confession: Being single for so long, it almost has become a job.

I keep myself busy 5-7 days a week – dance classes, soccer games, friend visits, dates, unnecessarily long hours at work…

Never a chance to be lonely if you’re never by yourself…except on those days when you escape from the world. Those are the best days. No answering the phone, no creeping on facebook. Just some movies and my paint brush.

So whether I’m battling through the Friend Zone, telling perverted jokes, or day dreaming of marrying Prince Harry, I’ll still word vomit all of my inner thoughts just for a laugh.


Oh my god, I am Bridget Jones

I am Bridget Jones.

The first time I saw Bridget Jones’s Diary I was in university and living with five other girls (known as the 697 girls – our address). We were in the living room and I was in my prettiest sweatpants (eddie bauer – mc hammer crotch like pants), with my favourite bean dip in front of me when I had a realization, I am Bridget Jones.

Here is my reasoning:

  • Short
  • Blonde
  • Quirky
  • Fair
  • Love to date Hugh Grant types
  • Didn’t always dress for my figure
  • Can look sloppy
  • Embarrassing things happening on a daily basis
  • Kinda funny
  • Have amazing friends
  • Know trivial facts
  • And…completely ridiculous.

What’s that all about? The good thing  is that her movies end happily. (Fingers Crossed!)