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Excuse me ladies, you forgot your pants

The past few days have been unseasonably warm for a Toronto January. On average the temperature in January is well below 0° C. But over the last few days, and over the next few weeks the thermostat is going to be hovering in and around the 3° C. For those of us who hate being cold, this is great news (however – global warming is a non-stop thought in the back of my head).

Now, I do realize it’s nice out for January. I get that. But what I don’t understand is when you go out at night time ladies everywhere have forgotten to put their pants on. What’s that all about? 3° C is not bare legs weather. Seriously girls, where’s your common sense? Porcupine legs are not sexy. Put some tights on.

Side note – I saw people jogging in shorts today. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that only Canadians would think that’s appropriate in this weather.


Is there such thing as a face cold?

I woke up this morning and my face hurt. My body is fine, my lungs are fine, my head is fine EXCEPT for the front of my head. A.k.a my face. My nose is running, my eyes are itchy, my ears are clogged, my voice is raspy and I only have a  slight headache in the front of my forehead.  The back of my head and neck are fine. What’s that all about? It’s two days before Christmas and my stupid face cold is driving me bananas.