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Glee! I am not a creep.

I am a devoted fan of the new show Glee. It is by far the best thing that has happened to television in my lifetime (that and SYTYCD). Remember when Survivor brought reality TV to mainstream viewers? Glee, I believe is doing the same thing for musical television. I cannot wait to see what goodness will develop because of this innovative program. If you haven’t seen it, check out this scene from the first episode:

Because I have Roger’s on demand, I am so lucky that I can watch episodes of Glee whenever I want. It’s incredible. Having watched so many episodes, naturally I’ve started to develop crushes on the characters. These teenage boys are beautiful.  When I went to high school there wasn’t any guys who looked like that. What’s that all about? It makes me feel like a perv.

That said, I Googled:

Finn – 1982

Puck – 1982

Schuester – 1978 (mind you, he’s playing the teacher – he’s just a fox and i needed to mention him).

THANK GOD! I am not actually a creep, they are just too old to be playing high school kids.


Hollywood crushes

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton was on last night. Not sure if you’ve seen that movie, but it is one of my all time favourite teen movies:

As I watched the movie, I realized, I’m totally crazy. My crush on Tad (a.k.a Josh Duhamel) is like a serious high school crush. I can envision us meeting, hitting it off, getting married. Seriously, I’m crazy.

So, I thought I should share my Hollywood list of crushes.

1) Leonardo DiCaprio – Since the day Kirk Cameron brought him home on Growing Pains, Luke has and always will have a special place in my heart.

2) Paul Walker – The quarterback from Varsity Blues. So dreamy.

3) Josh Hartnett – From Pearl Harbour to 40 Days and 40 Nights. He can look at you (technically the camera) and honesty pours out of his eyes.

4) Josh Duhamel – You saw the Tad Hamilton link…you know what I’m talking about. He could be the devil and I’d still believe everything he said.

5) Last but not least Jared Leto – My So Called Crush

Anyway, the point of this, is that I’m a grown up (at least, I’m supposed to be one) and every time I see any of these men I begin to day dream about my future with them. Seriously, what’s that all about? I’m pretty sure I should let go of the dream, but I just can’t.  I like to think that 85% of people are in the same boat – I saw that episode of Friends with the list of 5.

Rachel: Oh, I don’t know. I guess… Chris O’Donnel, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Daniel Day Lewis, Sting, and Parker Stevenson.
Ross: Spiderman?
Rachel: Hardy Boy.
Chandler: Peter Parker.
Ross: Thank you.

Ross: Okay, I’m done with my choices. These are final.
Rachel: Well, it’s about time.
Joey: Oo, very official.
Ross: Oh, yeah, well, ya know, Chandler printed it up on his computer.
Monica: And who laminated it?
Ross: That was me.
Rachel: Alright, let me see. Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Hurely, Michelle Pfieffer, and… Dorothy Hammill?
Ross: Hey, it’s my list.
Rachel: Okay, honey, you do realize she only spins like that on ice.