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Big Beaver Road

For those of you who are not from Windsor/Detroit – this picture is of a real exit and a real road just outside of Detroit.

What’s that all about? I love city planners!


Leafs vs Wings

After the glorious team Canada win on Sunday, I have decided that I am going to become a hockey fan once again.

Seriously, the sport couldn’t be more exciting! Like sit on the edge of your seat, bite all your nails off exciting.

Like many Canadians I grew up in an arena. When I wasn’t figure skating, I was watching my brother or my friends play hockey. I was in an arena 7 days a week. I watched hockey all through high school, then half way through university the strike happened, and my attention was lost. I started watching things like Paradise Hotel:

What’s that about? Whore Hotel? How could shows like this take precedence over hockey? What was my problem?!

Back to hockey:

Because I grew up in a suburb of Detroit (aka Windsor) I was always a Red Wings fan. Let’s be serious…they won the Stanley Cup in 97/98/02/08 AND Stevie Y may have been the best looking man who ever played the sport.

However, when I moved to Guelph for university, I was no longer able to watch Wings games and by default became a Leafs fan. I watched when Mats Sundin would dance around the net and get it in every time. Yeah, I saw that. However,  as I stated above the strike came along and I lost all interest in hockey.

That is…until now.

BUT, who do I support? I have no idea who any of the players any more. Dougy Gilmour doesn’t play. I’m currently at a total loss as to who I want to favour in the NHL.

Pros for the Leafs

An all round Canadian Team.

I live in Toronto.

I like their uniform.

Cons for the Leafs

They don’t win.

Pros for Detroit

They win!

Cons for Detroit

Can’t watch the games.

Have no idea who plays on the team.

A tire and a wing? That’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!


OK…I think I’ve come to a conclusion; I will support the Leafs in every game except Detroit games.  Maybe it’s a little cowardly, but I can like two teams at once, can’t I?

I will however, vow to myself to not forget my love of the game ever again.

Diet pop, diet coke?

A few years ago Superbowl XL was held in Detroit. I was living in Windsor at the time and working for the catering company that had all of the Canadian major media events.

There was this one event in particular that was held at the Windsor Art Gallery. Media coverage was there, Canadian and local celebrities were there, as well as the former Governor General of Canada(or so I was told – regardless he was a friendly, prestigious looking proper man with grey hair).

Obviously it wasn’t this guy…

Because I was one of their best servers and had the most experience (I went to school for hospitality), I was put in charge of taking care of what ever the former Governor General’s table wanted.

So…I took their drink order. At the table was the GG, the Mayor of Windsor and two other people who I had no idea who they were. I started with the ladies and worked my way around. They ordered a glass of wine, a ginger-ale, the GG ordered a rum and coke (I think) and the mayor ordered a diet pop – who orders a diet pop? So, I translated the order in my mind to a diet coke.

As I stood beside the GG, my next step was to repeat the order back to them to ensure that I had it correct. I said:

“Ok, that’s a glass of red wine, a ginger-ale, a rum and coke and a diet cock

Mortified, my face flushed. No one laughed, they all looked at me in disgust, except the Governor General. He laughed. I patted his shoulder, said thank you and pretty much ran away.

What’s that all about? Who says the C-word to someone who represents the QUEEN? I still can’t believe I accidentally said that. I swear I have manners.