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Step 1. Meet someone, Step 2. Google them

Damn that Google machine.

Part of my job is to find people. My boss will say: “I want the contact information of the brand manager at blabla(big brand here)” and because of my savvy Googling techniques, I can find them. I’m pretty confident, that if you give me a week I can find out information on anyone. Google stalking is quite the skill set that I have acquired.

The problem with this, is that my Google-stalk goes into my personal life. Now, when I meet someone new, if I think of it when I’m bored, I’ll Google them…and once I start Googling, there’s nothing that can hold me back.

Pretty much, I like most other single females commence market research on the new potential people in my life. Here are some of the things I look for:

  1. Are they on facebook?
  2. Do we have mutual friends?
  3. Are our mutual friends people I think highly of?
  4. Are they on twitter? What do they tweet about?
  5. Any public nudity?
  6. Have the been published?
  7. Are they on Linkedin (do they really work where they say they work)?
  8. Did anyone recommend them?
  9. Have they been involved in any public scandals?
  10. Are they criminals?

I realize that there are a few of you reading this that are like ‘what’s that all about?’ this girl’s crazy. I admit that part of that statement is true however –  to all my male friends that are less crazy, and my long coupled off girlfriends…this is just what WE do (WE being most single ladies). This is so common, that they talk about Googling people in movies, magazines…even on the Tyra Banks show, Fox, and CNN. That’s right people CNN.

We live in an age of information, so why wouldn’t you gather as much information that’s available?

Here’s why – LinkedIn. Don’t go there. This ‘research’ that you are gathering on your new interest is quasi normal (emphasis on quasi), however…on LinkedIn, they can see who clicked on their profile. Which means…they can see that YOU Google-stalked them. So you go from harmlessly looking up your potential suitor, to crazy psycho girl.

And the fact that it takes away from the excitement of it all. But goodness, pressing SEARCH can be so much fun!



I have to admit, I am a bit of a facebook whore. I post my blog every time I make an entry. I make random little jokes and send well wishes to friends. I have about a million photo albums – some may say it’s a bit too much.

And for the most part, I enjoy reading peoples statuses on facebook. Some people are down right hilarious.  Plus, facebook is an amazing way to get caught up on someones life, that otherwise you would have no idea what was going on.

That said, I do not believe that facebook is a place to air all your dirty laundry/personal business. See below:

What’s that all about? If I ever posted anything even close to that and my mom read it,  I’m pretty sure she would drive up from Windsor, pound down my door, grab me by the back of my ear, walk me over to the wall and make me sit on my knees facing the wall for about an hour. Then I’d have to write an essay about respecting myself. And you know what…I would deserve it.

Is there such a thing as class anymore?

Wow…that was a rant. If you have a little time and are looking for a giggle, go to Lamebook. This site goes through facebook and posts all the ridiculous status updates and uploaded pictures in one spot. Amazing way to procrastinate.