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Gold for Tacos?

Months ago I was at home watching late night cartoons (either Famliy Guy or South Park – I don’t remember anymore) when I saw this commercial that was offering a trade of your gold, for their tacos.

Gold for tacos? What’s that all about? I could not  believe my eyes. I was shocked.

I went in to work the next day and no one believed me – which is fair, it is pretty random.

They said things like:

“Jen you’re nuts”

“Jen, are you sure you weren’t dreaming?”

To add insult to injury, when I Googled it, I couldn’t find it. This reinforced all of their statements.

Today, I told my new roommate about the Gold for Tacos commercial because a Dollars for Gold commercial came on. So I decided to Google one last time.

Da Da Da Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa:

Thank god. I am not a lunatic.

PS. Why does everyone want our gold so badly right now anyway? I feel like commercial break some one is making it super easy for me to send my gold in for cash dollars.


30, too old for dress up?

As the booming clock of 30 ticks-ticks-ticks in my ears, I find I have things in my life that I enjoy doing that I’m not sure I can do anymore. At 30, you’re supposed to be mature. At 30, you’re supposed to know exactly what you want to do with your life. At 30, (if you’re from where I’m from) you should have a house, a husband, and a baby in your belly. What’s that all about? I mean, we live till were in our 90’s now, do I really have to start a family now?

Holy f-balls, I’m scared of 30.

Reason number 1) I find box jokes, ball jokes and any joke or pun relating to those jokes really funny. I watch Family Guy daily.

Really, I just love bad jokes. Here’s a good one for you from my dear friend Robin (the one who gave me the name Jennyus):

What do you do when a bird poops on your window on a first date?………..Don’t ask her out again.

Reason number 2) Other than the fact that I know I want to be successful, I have no idea how or in what way I will accomplish this. Top 31 under 31…do they have that?

Reason number 3) Babies – NOT ANYTIME SOON!!!

And what about the fact that I still love playing dress-up. It’s one of my favourite things to do. Any reason for a costume and I’m down. Costume parties, Halloween…New Years Eve – any excuse.

In all honesty, sometimes I like to dress up while I do my household chores…is there really something wrong with that? So what if I start to clean my room and I end up wearing all my jewelery with a pound of make-up on? Are we really not allowed to do this anymore?