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Good Idea, Bad Idea

I lived in residence in first year university with my good friend Teri from summer camp. Teri and I are VERY SIMILAR, she’s just as much of a nut job as I am, and I love it. Anyway, Teri and I made friends with a great group of girls and we pretty much spent every day together.

A bunch of us got together one day and went down to the music room to play around on the piano and just goof around. Because first year unfortunately was a long time ago, I’m only going to tell you the details I remember:

– Stephanie and I wondered if I could fit in between the two ‘sound proof’ doors.
– After carefully assessing the situation, we determined this would be possible.
– I stood in between the two doors and Stephanie pushed the one shut.
– We accomplished the goal, everyone laughed.
– The doors get stuck.
– I FREAK OUT, total and complete panic because I might be a little claustrophobic.
– All the R.A.’s are having a meeting right beside the music room.
– They said ‘calm down, we’re going to call the fire department’.
– Teri scolds me into calming down.
– I move away from the hinges causing the stress on the door to release and the doors open.

CRISIS AVERTED. What’s that all about? Who attempts to shove their body between two wooden doors? On what planet would that be a good idea.

Good Idea – Closing doors when you enter a room.

Bad Idea – Trying to fit yourself between the two doors past the age of eleven.


Fire in Liberty Village

I went to work early today and this is what I saw on my way:

SUV. On Fire. Outside of the Toy Factory Loft. What’s that all about?