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Domino’s – FREE Pizza

You know those days when you check your email, and you see some how a major company got your email address and has decided to start sending you “coupons” & “updates”  – a.k.a. SPAM? About a month ago, I recieved an email from Domino’s to my work account. If it had gone to one of my personal email addresses I would have disregarded it, but since it came to my work address, and sometimes any distraction will do, I opened it. The coupon said “1 Domino’s Bread Bowl Pasta & 1 Medium 3 Topping Pizza – $0”. Zero Dollars? Was this a joke? A giant mistake? Total spam? Domino’s is my favourite fast food pizza and this seemed way too good to be true. I forwarded the email to my lunch team at work and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing as well.

Deal of the century!

I went on to the Domino’s website and tried to go through the process. I picked out my bread bowl, my three topping pizza and then went to check out. I entered the code…nothing. Nothing happened. I tried again – no $0 symbol appeared where the total was. So I sent it to Max and Andrew. They tried…nothing. So I called. I called the Domino’s that delivered to our work neighbourhood. After listening to several promotions, a man picked up. I told him about how I received this coupon in my inbox and it said I could have all this food for free. What’s that all about? The man on the phone did not know how to respond to me. All I needed to know was if I could get all of that food for free. Food tastes so much better when it’s free. As I heard the dudes snickering behind my back the man began to respond “We have nothing to do with the online store, and any promotions have to be ordered online”. But it still didn’t answer my question. Can I get free pizza? I kept thinking about the pepperoni and all that melted cheese, and all I wanted was pizza. When the conversation with the Domino’s man was over, what I was left with was this: pizza cravings and no pizza.

It was almost a perfect lunch situation. Almost. I’m 90% sure I ended up having a lentil soup for lunch that day. Just not the same as fast food pizza.