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Girls can’t ghost.

At a work outing I was standing with two of my bosses, when they decided that they wanted to head out. They brought up the common question asked before one leaves a bar: “to ghost, or not to ghost?”

Ghosting…What’s that all about?

Ghosting, well one of it’s definitions,  is to leave a bar or event with out letting your friends know – ex. Poof! He’s gone. The thing about ‘ghosting’ is that only men can do it.

Below is what happens if a man decides to ‘ghost’:

  • “Where’d Bill go?” “I don’t know”

Below is a list of reactions that could happen if  a girl decides to ‘ghost’:

  • Excessive calling to their handset
  • Search parties set out on the hunt
  • Other girls in the group yelling at each other
  • Crying, lots of crying
  • Potential fights with friends that could last for years
  • Getting reamed out when found
  • Years of ‘remember when’ stories, that one may have wanted to forget

So ladies, my advice – find one friend and just say bye. It just may save you years of grief.


Excuse me ladies, you forgot your pants

The past few days have been unseasonably warm for a Toronto January. On average the temperature in January is well below 0° C. But over the last few days, and over the next few weeks the thermostat is going to be hovering in and around the 3° C. For those of us who hate being cold, this is great news (however – global warming is a non-stop thought in the back of my head).

Now, I do realize it’s nice out for January. I get that. But what I don’t understand is when you go out at night time ladies everywhere have forgotten to put their pants on. What’s that all about? 3° C is not bare legs weather. Seriously girls, where’s your common sense? Porcupine legs are not sexy. Put some tights on.

Side note – I saw people jogging in shorts today. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that only Canadians would think that’s appropriate in this weather.