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Quarter life crisis

When I was around the age of 24 I went through my quarter life crisis. I had gained a few extra lbs, cut my hair uber short, died it dark red, was living with my parents and working as a caterer/waitress and pretty much hated my life. At that point in my life, I forgot about my awesomeness and focused solely on my suckiness.

I’m sure at some point you’ve all forgotten about your own awesomeness and have found yourself making bad, uneducated decisions.

So, along with my horrible hair (sorry Sheila – YOU ARE AMAZING AT HAIR…that was just a bad decision) and the fact that my clothes were too tight, when it came to dudes I made a few bad decisions as well.

Now the reason of this post:

This past March I was at a fundraiser where a lot of my friend’s parents, my parent’s friends and other people from my past were at.

At one point in the evening I went outside with my good friend Ryan to have a smoke (I know REALLY gross, but sometimes I just want to have one) and there was a whack load of people outside, including my friend’s father (who I pretty much consider family).  Also on the patio, was one of my bad ‘dude decisions’ from my quarter life crisis. For the purpose of this post, let’s just call him ‘Eddy’.

For the most part, we were all engaging in nice, casual conversation. Ryan was talking about his condo in New York, my friend’s dad was talking about the vacation that he and his wife recently went on and then I asked ‘Eddy’ what was new with him.

He said that he had a house, and that he and his girlfriend had two kids now. Then, in front of my friend’s dad and the 20 other people outside, Eddy said “Do you know what I miss, I miss my condo”. He then looked at me and said “You remember my condo, eh Jen?”. Please hear the inappropriate tone in that last statement.

I had three thoughts at that moment:

1)Yeah I rememberunfortunately.

2) CREEP!!!

3) What’s that all about?

First off, that was a total sleaze bag move. Second off, I like most people, try to forget that phase in my life. I was settling. Why would you bring that up in public,  in front of my friend’s father, and in front of about 20 other people? JERK.  I mean maybe if it was a good memory, I could understand reminiscing – in private – but it’s wasn’t.

The entire experience, reminded me of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. Watch this clip and from the 2:20 mark, you’ll understand how I felt at that exact moment:


Friends or faux?

In 1998 to 2000, I rocked boy short hair. Why would I do that? My friends would always tell me how “good” I looked with short hair. What’s that all about? I looked horrible. I think they all secretly hated me. See below:

Just kidding. I had great friends…just a terrible haircut.