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The day my legs gave way

Before the fall...

My first summer at my job, my boss thought it would a great idea to have a soccer game with the office that’s beside ours.  As a kid I played soccer, I even played on the high school team, so I too thought playing soccer was a great idea. While reading this, please remember: when I went to university, for the most part, all of my athletics went out the window because I had socializing to do. So when the game started, I had not run in about 7 or so years (I should be ashamed. I’m not, but I should be).

While playing, it all came back to me. Running into the open spots so that I’d be in a perfect position for a pass. I was able to steal the ball from some of the boys. Over all, I was feeling pretty good. Then it happened. I was wide open, and someone passed me the ball. I got the ball, began to dribble, no one was on me and I was on a breakaway. So I ran and I ran. Then all of a sudden, I lost all feeling in my legs. My upper body, not responding to my lower body, continued to move in a running motion as I slowly tumbled to the ground. All I could think was “is this actually happening to me”. The game nearly came to a stop. I began laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. Dawn came over tried to help me up and then toppled over laughing because my fall was so out of hand. It was a fall that was so ridiculous that years later I still get ripped on.

Seriously though, I was a fairly healthy girl. I looked healthy. My legs should not have lost all feeling mid sprint. What’s that all about? Oh yeah, I sat on my a*% for 7 years.