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The myself trainer

A few weeks back I was channel surfing, when I stopped at Man in the Iron Mask. As per usual, I got right into it (I may love Leo just a touch).

Because I was so into the show, I did not continue my channel surfing when the commercials started to play, I watched them all. They were your typical Saturday afternoon commercials ex. yogurt commercials, lady time commercials and sad reality shows (I’m too fat, Love your naked self…etc).

BUT then came the next commercial. The ad started with a woman in her mid 40’s jumping on a trampoline admitting to the world that she could jump with out even a drizzle. What’s that all about? Did not expect that. This was when I questioned what channel I was watching. Turns out it was the Diva network  – which explains a lot.

This ‘trainer’ helps you strengthen you pelvic muscles. My initial thoughts were: Does a coach come to your house? Is it an instructional book? What kind of channel/show am I watching? AND maybe I need to rethink the type of programming that I watch because the show I was watching was targeted to 45+ women. Clearly I needed to answer my questions, so I went to the website: www.jumpformyself.com

Turns out, they are selling a ‘strengthener’ ‘trainer’ that to me, looks like something you would buy at Aren’t We Naughty.

The above picture is the:

Plus 3 Value Set

Myself® Trainer Value Set includes 3 additional sensors for consistent use.
Limited Time Free Shipping* ($21.95 value)

  • 1 Myself® Trainer with full-color display
  • 1 Vaginal Sensor with cover for hygienic storage
    PLUS 3 additional vaginal sensors
  • 1 Premium storage case
  • Easy, step-by-step Use & Care Guide
  • Progress Tracker, to see your results!

Yep, that’s right, a progress checker. You can now measure how strong your hoo-ha is, whenever you want. I’m thinking that this may be a whole new level of laziness. If a woman can’t bring herself to flex and compress and she needs a machine to do it for her, I’m pretty sure that today’s woman needs a good head shaking. Who knows though, maybe when I’m a grown-up I’ll rethink my position on this.



In 1985 ABC aired the sitcom Growing Pains about an upper middle class family in the United States.

I was an avid watcher of this show, madly in love with Mike Seaver until Luke came along. Growing Pains instilled good American family values and life lessons in every episode.

This show, continues to be aired on many of the Christian networks…SEGWAY…which brings up my next point:

Cast Members:

  • Alan Thicke as Dr. Jason Roland Seaver
  • Joanna Kerns as Margaret Katherine “Maggie” Malone (she kept her maiden name, although at some points she did refer to herself as Maggie Seaver)
  • Kirk Cameron as Michael Aaron “Mike” Seaver
  • Tracey Gold as Carol Anne Seaver (1985–1992) (Gold replaced Elizabeth Ward after the pilot.)
  • Jeremy Miller as Benjamin Hubert Horatio Humphrey “Ben” Seaver
  • Ashley Johnson as Christine Ellen “Chrissy” Seaver (1990–1992)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Luke Brower Seaver (later became a Seaver after they adopt him) (1991–1992)
  • Josh Andrew Koenig as Richard Milhous “Boner” Stabone (1985–1989, and character was also mentioned during flashbacks in the series finale in 1992); Mike’s friend. Left to join the United States Marines.

The dudes name was BONER! What’s that all about? How was this ever permitted as a nickname on this wholesome show. Maybe if Boner has another meaning in the US, but I’m going to vote it means the same thing as it does in Canada – an unbending  male extremity.

Sadly Boner passed away this past spring. I hope he knew that his character made it ok for children all across North America to say the word Boner without getting smacked across the head.

Hollywood crushes

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton was on last night. Not sure if you’ve seen that movie, but it is one of my all time favourite teen movies:

As I watched the movie, I realized, I’m totally crazy. My crush on Tad (a.k.a Josh Duhamel) is like a serious high school crush. I can envision us meeting, hitting it off, getting married. Seriously, I’m crazy.

So, I thought I should share my Hollywood list of crushes.

1) Leonardo DiCaprio – Since the day Kirk Cameron brought him home on Growing Pains, Luke has and always will have a special place in my heart.

2) Paul Walker – The quarterback from Varsity Blues. So dreamy.

3) Josh Hartnett – From Pearl Harbour to 40 Days and 40 Nights. He can look at you (technically the camera) and honesty pours out of his eyes.

4) Josh Duhamel – You saw the Tad Hamilton link…you know what I’m talking about. He could be the devil and I’d still believe everything he said.

5) Last but not least Jared Leto – My So Called Crush

Anyway, the point of this, is that I’m a grown up (at least, I’m supposed to be one) and every time I see any of these men I begin to day dream about my future with them. Seriously, what’s that all about? I’m pretty sure I should let go of the dream, but I just can’t.  I like to think that 85% of people are in the same boat – I saw that episode of Friends with the list of 5.

Rachel: Oh, I don’t know. I guess… Chris O’Donnel, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Daniel Day Lewis, Sting, and Parker Stevenson.
Ross: Spiderman?
Rachel: Hardy Boy.
Chandler: Peter Parker.
Ross: Thank you.

Ross: Okay, I’m done with my choices. These are final.
Rachel: Well, it’s about time.
Joey: Oo, very official.
Ross: Oh, yeah, well, ya know, Chandler printed it up on his computer.
Monica: And who laminated it?
Ross: That was me.
Rachel: Alright, let me see. Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Hurely, Michelle Pfieffer, and… Dorothy Hammill?
Ross: Hey, it’s my list.
Rachel: Okay, honey, you do realize she only spins like that on ice.