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Brian Orser

Having worked many summers in Muskoka, I’ve had the opportunity to be around (aka wait-on) many celebrities.

Being up there you get to meet NHLers, cottage regulars – Martin Short, KATE HUDSON, Goldie and Kurt, Rachel Hunter and many others.

Here’s my confession:

When I was around all of the above celebrities I managed to keep my cool. Yet, when I met Brian Orser I lost my mind.

What’s that all about? I pretty much cornered him in a bar, told him that I loved him, that I grew up figure skating and how I always dreamed that I could skate with him and Kurt Browning. I was also trying to get an invite to his cottage so I could look at all of his Olympic stuff and maybe touch his skates. I’m pretty sure I scared him. I’m also pretty sure I still love him!



Flashing before my eyes

I assume that reading this title you are thinking that I’m going to write about someone dropping their pants in front of me. This is not the case.

This  story is literally about a moment in my life when my life flashed before my eyes.

I was driving along highway 401, on my way to pick up my friend Melissa so that we could head up for a nice winter weekend in Muskoka. When I got to the exit for the 407 (the fast toll highway), I noticed that there was a car in the ditch and there was a tow truck driver working on getting the car out.

So because it was snowing a bit, and their was snow on the highway, I decided it would be a good idea to switch lanes to give them room. BAD IDEA!!!

My car spun out. What’s that all about? I was trying to be a cautious driver.

It did about a 900°. When It finally stopped spinning, I looked up and their was a transport truck heading straight for me.

As I faced the semi heading straight at me, my entire life flashed before my eyes – my friends, my family, my stupid ex-boyfriends, my cat, the cottage, summer…the list went on and on.

Luckily, the truck ended up missing my car by about 2 feet. IT WAS INSANE.

In what felt like an hour (probably about 30s) the tow truck driver who was helping the other guy walked over to my car, opened my door and said:

“You just made me S*$% my pants”

I responded:

“I think I just S*$% my own pants”

Neither of us actually had an accident, but if we did, I wouldn’t have judged either of us.

Neither should you – Judgy McJudgerson!