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When I was their age…

Somehow over the last few years, I’ve managed to put a halo over my head in most of my memories from my early 20s.  The truth is…maybe my halo wasn’t as levitated as I thought it was, and maybe I had some devil horns as well.

This past Saturday I celebrated ‘Spontaneous Saturday’. It was the first Saturday in a long time, that I had no plans, and was open to doing whatever.

After a 2 hour dance lesson (I’m working on a goodbye Tango because I’m leaving my dance studio), I went home, got dolled up and met up with my friend Reesa at the St. Lawrence Market. We reminisced about how we met in high school and all of the people that we have in common, went for some drinks, had an appetizer, and sent ourselves home at a nice hour before we got out of hand – it was 7:00pm after all.

I touched base with my friend Annie to check out the plan and was on the fence about going out that evening. It took one more call from her and the peer pressure broke me and I was on board.

We headed to the bar around 11:30pm. When we got there, we made our way through the swarms of youngin’s (19-24) and stood near the end of the bar and watched as these two girls danced on the bar as if they were getting paid to do it.  Looking like they stepped right out of The Hill’s, these girls went to town on the bar. They had these cute, scandalous, mini dresses on that were so tight, that I asked Annie if she thought they had panties on.

Her response – she looked up, smirked and said “well…we’re about to find out”. I turned around and the girls were squatting on the bar while making licking faces at strange boys.

What’s that about? These girls were on a train straight to Sexytown, and I had Spanx on. Yes…I just admitted that – I felt like a whale when I was getting dressed, so I cheated. Is this the difference between them and me? I thought to myself. Am I such a grandma now that I go to a club wearing SPANX? – Apparently!

In truth, in my younger years, I was a wee bit wilder than I am now (I only got Spanx for this amazingly tight ‘Joanie from Mad Men’ type dress).


1) I’ve danced on many-a-bar, but I was not on the Sexytown train. I love dancing. Technically, I’m a dancer. If I’ve ever been sexy while dancing, it was a)  a joke (I tend to find myself funny),  or b) not on purpose.

2) I’ve taken pole-dancing lessons and I want to take more. BUT that does not mean that I’m going to put on a serious show in front of people.

3) If I’m dancing with a dude who can actually dance, I’ll get into it. But it’s for the love of dance, not for the sake of ‘picking-up’.

However, it wasn’t just the ladies, men too felt were feeling all sexed up that night. They all seemed to have the need to touch you as you walked by them. Caress your arm, reach out for your stomach, use every “you’re beautiful” line in the book. Pretty much, 90% of the people at the bar had one main goal.

Get laid, and get laid tonight.

At first I was all in a huff about all of the ‘out-there’ sex that EVERYONE was exerting at the bar that night, but then I took my halo covered glasses off and realized I was full of BS. They were a little more out there (well, a lot more) than I was, but they were no worse than the American girls I’d see when I worked at a bar in Windsor. That’s for damn sure!