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BCP – Butter Chicken Poutine

So last week Max came into work and told me that our neighbourhood lunch spot changed their menu and now carries Butter Chicken Poutine. I couldn’t believe it. They combined two of the best things in the world:

Poutine & Butter Chicken

I asked myself – could this be good? Having nothing food related to compare it to, I thought about people. When two good looking people procreate, their children are either a) a perfectly beautiful mix of the two of them, or b) a not so great mix (you know what I getting at).

After much thought about this, I decided I had to know (but I still wasn’t ready to commit). So I called. The girl at the restaurant was very nice. I asked her if it was true – she said yes, BCP was on the menu. I said to her Butter Chicken Poutine, what’s that all about? You guys took two of my favourite things and made them one.  I asked her if it was good, she said that it looked good. I asked her if she tried it, she said not yet. I asked her if it smelt awesome, and she said she didn’t know because she had not yet tried it (in my mind you don’t need to eat something in order to smell it, but I let that slide).  After I hung up the phone I still felt unconvinced. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to try it, but $14 is a lot for poutine.

A week went by, and finally a few of us from the office got enough courage to decide that we were going to try it. We were going to try it, but how many. Did we each want one? Did we want to go in on sharezees? That said, I called her again. First I called and said that I wasn’t ready and that I’d call back. Then I called and asked how much it was including tax ($13.61 or something like that). Then I told her I had to call her back because we needed to make a plan.

THE PLAN: 5 ppl. – 1 poutine – 5 forks – $3 each and McDonalds to fill us up

Conclusion: The poutine was delicious. More like bbq chicken with some butter chicken sauce, cheese curds and fries. Would I pay $14 again for it? No, but if I got 5 people to go splitski’s with me I would.