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Glee! I am not a creep.

I am a devoted fan of the new show Glee. It is by far the best thing that has happened to television in my lifetime (that and SYTYCD). Remember when Survivor brought reality TV to mainstream viewers? Glee, I believe is doing the same thing for musical television. I cannot wait to see what goodness will develop because of this innovative program. If you haven’t seen it, check out this scene from the first episode:

Because I have Roger’s on demand, I am so lucky that I can watch episodes of Glee whenever I want. It’s incredible. Having watched so many episodes, naturally I’ve started to develop crushes on the characters. These teenage boys are beautiful.  When I went to high school there wasn’t any guys who looked like that. What’s that all about? It makes me feel like a perv.

That said, I Googled:

Finn – 1982

Puck – 1982

Schuester – 1978 (mind you, he’s playing the teacher – he’s just a fox and i needed to mention him).

THANK GOD! I am not actually a creep, they are just too old to be playing high school kids.