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Old Pirates, New Pirates

Ok…who’s with me on the fact that modern day pirates should not be called pirates? Where’s the a’hoy matey? Where’s the shiver me timbers? Where’s the peg legs and the parrots? Seriously, what’s that all about? They need another name!

Actually…what was THAT all about? Did you watch that video?






Goonies never say die

We had cable growing up, and my dad loved to tape movies off the TV. We had everything, from Rainbow Bright, to Masters of the Universe, to Batteries Not Included – EVERYTHING.

Pretty much though, The Goonies was the most EPIC movie from my childhood, that and The Wizard of Oz. I have them completely  memorized. In fact, I watched The Goonies so much that my cousins and my brother still get irritated if I’m watching it.

Anyway, at the end of The Goonies, Data would always say ‘ooh oh and the Octopus’ – or something like that. And I would think to myself what octopus? I always just thought that Data was a giant exaggerating liar.

Turns out, the movie network cut that scene. What’s that all about? Why would they do that? I felt as though the movie network lied to me. Like they stole a part of my childhood…kidding, well a little serious, but mainly kidding.

The Goonies had everything – action, adventure, romance, cute boys, cool teenagers, PIRATES and contraptions, tons of contraptions.

I wish I had a Mouse Trap contraption that opened my door!

Here is the music video that I was sent today that made me think about The Goonies (Thanks EzzaAtGap)